Sunday, July 22, 2012

Deck. Done!

Alright!  So the deck is up and completely mounted.  It will withstand at least the 70 mph wind.  That thing isn't going anywhere.  Special thanks to Ed for cutting some joists, making two runs to Home Depot, and chopping up the metal joist hangars into a useful shape.  Without the help, I probably wouldn't have finished the deck today.

Anyway, it's done.  And I sent out the following official invite to the OC Burning Man community for Saturday the 4th!  Now I have a deadline.

Hi all,
I wanted to give heads-up that in two weeks I'm inviting you to help in raising
the plywood shell around a new Mutant Vehicle. It will be on Saturday, August
4th, from noon-ish till dark or so, at the 2013 SLACerspace in Santa Ana.

The work that day will include plywood cutting, hanging, drilling, bolting, and
painting. I'll send a reminder out later, but wanted to give people a chance to
save the date! The structure is nearly complete and soon the cosmetic part of
the build can begin.

Pictures of the concept and current status are here:

As for what is it:
The vehicle will be a sinking ship, the back half of a freighter specifically
with the front 800 feet under the surface. By day it will look like a rusty
sunken relic on the bottom of a dried out ocean or lake. When in the Black Rock
Desert, I hope it makes people ponder nuclear war, global warming, water
shortages, post-apocalyptic life, the temporary existence of humans, and
experience echoes of the Exxon Valdez, Costa Concordia, Titanic, or Edmund

By night, the M/V Nain Rouge will be lit up to appear in the process of sinking,
and is no longer the wreck at the bottom. When faced with absolute calamity,
what will her crew do? Abandon ship? Get out the violin and play along with the
string quartet? Dance their worries away?

That's the plan!