Saturday, July 21, 2012

Floor, Welding

Ok, so this is the truck so far... can anyone see the sinking ship in it except me?  I've realized my spatial ability might be different than others.  A good woodcarver brings the sculpture out of the wood, by working with the grain and removing material until all that's left is the desired shape.  Most people just see a block of wood.  In the same way, this blank slate of a truck is being turned into a sinking ship.  Just very slowly.  And nobody quite gets it yet, it seems.  Well you will soon enough.  Today I threw some flooring up and attempted to weld some joist beams hangars to the rack.  Unfortunately, they didn't tack weld very well so I'll have to end up drilling and bolting them down.
My welding of these joist hangars was particularly shitty... clearly I need more practice.  But it sure looks cool with all the sparks!  I didn't even notice noxious fumes coming from the galvanized steel.  Actually the hangars welded just fine but the thick C-channel beams didn't melt at all.  Like I said, tomorrow I drill and bolt.  I do not trust these tack welds to 65mph freeway speed and two 4 x 8 sheets of plywood, 3/4" thick.  I don't want to see the floor taking off like a wing and flying onto the car behind me.  Some U-channel bolts are also needed.  Here are a bunch more pictures:

Till next time!