Saturday, April 21, 2012

Truck Search Continues

Well after considering getting a cheaper and older truck, I'm tending back towards where I started... getting a fairly modern and heavy duty truck to avoid having to deal with breakdowns and spare part availability issues.  Currently I'm gravitating toward a GMC T6500 or T7500 similar to this one:  24' Foot Box Truck 2000 GMC T6500, Automatic transmission, Air ride suspension, lift end tuck away lift gate, roll up door. Priced for quick sale and priced low, no need to haggle.  Contact HiTech Transport at 562.250.7793

I have a couple of contacts now after reaching out to a local commercial truck dealer about places that will buy your truck body (in this case, a 24 foot box) and swap it out for something else.  What I really want is a flat bed with a rack over the cab.  That would make it somewhat simple to just hang 4 x 8 sheets of plywood from a bolted-on or welded-on scaffolding, and then the rest could be wooden deck-like platforms attached to the steel flat bed.

And since I haven't been laid off, and just did my taxes, that means I may not have to scrimp and save and cut every corner.  Just occasionally enlist professional help to repair or maintain the truck, and get the body where I want it.  I'm starting to imagine a summer where I'm not laid off and will still have my day job.  But I'm imagining it where it won't consume my entire weekend and and weekday life, so I would actually have energy to build something.  If the 2013 warehouse space comes together (not looking good... needs more $$) then I have just about everything needed to start this off starting in May.  Once I have the truck and basic framework, I can always scale the entire project back to a more simple design if I lose ambition or free time.

So why exactly am I compelled to build this?  I'm really starting to question my motivation again.  What concerns me is if this is some sort of ego-gratification trip, because I thought I was past that.  In the past, I somehow needed to prove to myself that I could achieve the new Mercedes-Benz and have a beautiful, large colonial house on a quiet street.  Looking back, I really wasn't buying and having those things to impress people and project some kind of image (although they did).  No, I bought them to prove something to myself. Clearly some deep insecurity about wealth and the trappings of prosperity compelled me to bring those into my life.  In the process, I learned that after two years of leasing a new Mercedes you need to give it back.  And when the housing market collapsed in 2008-9 taking $100,000+ of equity out of my house and leaving me with an upside down mortgage, I have come to take all of these material things a lot less seriously.  I'm now strictly on a enjoy now, pay now basis, as a philosophy for living.

Then why would I want to build some extravagant large art car, and not even go after a reasonable little one as a starter art car?  This is the question.  I haven't even ridden on art cars at Burning Man very much even though I have gone 6 times.  Mostly I admired them from afar.  I can only conclude there's some insecurity still there.  Or, are my dreams just that big?  I'd like to think that's the real reason.