Thursday, May 17, 2012

DMV and Balancing the Forces of the Universe

Even the biggest waves crashing in are neutralized when there’s normal flow going out.  But when not enough is going out, then the wave comes in to overtake you.  A life lesson from living on the beach.

So today I am overwhelmed by the simple task of going to the DMV.  I don’t even feel like writing out the long boring story in detail.  So let me summarize:  I need to find a certified California Weighmaster and make an appointment with the California Highway Patrol to have a 2nd VIN verification and to make sure the truck conforms to FMVSS-120 and about three other Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Certifications that are required, because my car didn’t have the appropriate stickers.  They did take my $900+ dollars though. Oh, and you can’t get an appointment with the CHP unless you show up in person, and their office closed at 5:00.  I know this because I showed up at 7:00 after working all day (except for the 2.5 hours I was at the DMV).  And I need to replace the low beam headlight bulb before I bring the truck back, not that I have an appointment yet.  Tomorrow’s projects: light bulb, CHP appointment.  The Weighmaster will have to wait till next Monday I guess.  Don’t they know that I’m the Tiltmaster?

I can’t even get started on building this mutant vehicle if I can’t legally get it registered for on-road use!  This is why I never built anything in Detroit: the 2400 mile drive means your base vehicle better be damn near perfect.  To top all this off, after getting it back from the service center I have noticed that the A/C doesn’t work.  There are no simple unplugged wires either, so this clearly has something to do with the exhaust manifold gasket and attachment stud replacement, or the drive belt replacement from last week.  First rule of doctors: do no harm.  Grrrr.  So now what?  Surrender, clearly.  And let it go.  If I don’t, I won’t be ready for tomorrow’s wave.

At least I have finally struck a balance between the overwhelming aspects of my job and my desire to follow my crazy dreams.  Unlike back in March, I am now perfectly happy being employed weekdays and free to pursue my obsession at night and on weekends.  When work took over all my weeknights and weekends, then I was really out of balance and miserable.  Between the layoffs and stress cause by that, I pretty much shut down.  Fortunately I had already set the wheels in motion on this art project so once the stress lifted I was ready to start.  I’m now excited about life and work is not dreadful.  Everything feels like it’s falling in place.  I didn’t really expect the DMV experience to go very well, and it turned out that way.  Time to regroup and move on.