Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 5 Steps of Project Management

So as I sit back outside myself and observe my making of this art car, I can clearly see the stages of project management are moving along nicely.  I'm currently on step 2.  This hit true when Mike called me out for referring to it as "my fucking truck thing".  In case you forgot the five steps, they are:
1. Euphoria and Excitement
2. Disenchantment
3. Search for the Guilty
4. Punishment of the Innocent
5. Reward for the Uninvolved
 So yes, I am well past the wild enthusiasm of step one and well into the frustration of step 2. The search for the guilty has already begun.  The guilty is obviously me, since this is all my idea.  However, somewhere along the line my way of thinking was shaped which led to the crazy idea in the first place.  Now I need to psychoanalyze myself and figure out where society drove me to do this.  Clearly step 5, reward for the uninvolved, happens at Burning Man when hundreds of strangers enjoy this thing I create.  In the corporate world, the uninvolved get promoted.
Anyway, today I did get the bumper taken apart, purchased lots of bolts, drilled a bunch more holes, made my ears ring chopping a new bumper beam, and now the rack on the bed is almost 100% freeway worthy.  Just have to secure the cross beams a bit better.  Those were frustrating because there's a little tab of spring steel that I attempted to drill through, and then quickly remembered from engineering school that spring steel is hard as hell.  Definitely should have chopped those off before assembly.
I spent 5 hours again and accomplished very little.  I'm realizing that I need to roughly double the amount of time any particular task takes me.  I am just not that efficient!  I have a 40 minute attention span, then need to do something different.  But I'll spend another fine day tomorrow and will get the damn bumper beam welded up, bolted on, and ready for the vertical beams.  For your viewing pleasure: