Friday, April 13, 2012

Where will I buid this

So a couple days ago I met with some local burners who are starting a hackerspace/ makerspace nearby in Costa Mesa, and I am totally in! It's just $50 a month and we'll have a big warehouse space and some group-owned and privately-owned tools. Importantly, a welder will be among the tools and it may be possible to park a large truck there off and on for a couple days at a time. So if I get a truck suddenly, at least I know where I can leave it until I find proper storage. And there is an RV storage place down the street, so this could work out perfectly. It's going to start up around May.

So not to get all spiritual on you, but this is just far too coincidental. I am just putting my intentions out there, and suddenly this resource magically appears out of nowhere. I didn't even know what I wanted and this just turns up as a perfect solution and build location. I'm looking forward to the community and camaraderie and getting off this computer after a day at work. At this point, even though there were layoffs today and yesterday, I'm still employed. Which is good because to build this beast I'm gonna need money. Currently, I'm waiting for my tax return and April's paycheck, and think I'd like to have the truck by the beginning of May. That should be plenty of time to spend every available free second until the end of August building.